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Our Programs

Preschool Curriculum

Wonder Kids Curriculum has been developed based on the outcome of many years of Experimental Learning in Early Childhood Education by Wonder Kids Montessori House. Small children have innate ability to learn very rapidly if they are engaged with various activities.

Wonder Kids follows an Activity based Learning curriculum approach that propels Work the mind, Reveal the Child and Unleash the potential of the child. Wonder Kids academic curriculum is a blend of 5 very effective methods to ensure holistic development of young children with varied exposure to different methods of learning:


Age: 1.6 years onwards

We stimulate their minds through interactive learning, songs, poems, creative play and circle time.

Children are introduced to the basic concepts of phonics, numbers, shapes, alphabets, colors, beginning sounds, reading, speech development, math and much more.

This preschool program is specifically designed to build a strong foundation for your child and prepares students for their advancement to Nursery.


Age: 2.10 years onwards

We start with the simplest ideas in Nursery such as shapes, sounds, numbers, the alphabet, and textures. Then, over the months, we’ll introduce more Montessori concepts based on Language & Math while slowly starting Alphabet & Numeric writing. Pedagogy includes Montessori, M.I Theory to aid holistic development.


Age: 3.10 years onwards

Jr kg children have a sound understanding of the basics delivered to them in our Nursery Program, we further their practical & problem solving skills through a varied range of structured learning programs which encompasses Math ( addition, subtraction), English, Environmental sciences, geography & Regional Language development


Age: 4.10 years onwards

The final stage in a preschoolers program would be the Sr. kg where in the kids are prepared for transitioning into CBSE & ICSE board schools by focusing on Reading & Writing skills along with the basics of Math concepts (+,- *, >, <), Self-awareness & global understanding, conversational skills along with our in built soft skills training program.