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Our Pre-School Curriculum

Wonder Kids Curriculum has been developed based on the outcome of many years of Experimental Learning in Early Childhood Education by Wonder Kids Montessori House. Small children have innate ability to learn very rapidly if they are engaged with various activities . Wonder Kids follows an 'Activity based Learning' curriculum approach that propels Work the mind, Reveal the Child and Unleash the potential of the child. Wonder Kids academic curriculum is a blend of 5 very effective methods to ensure holistic development of young children with varied exposure to different methods of learning:

1) Expressive Art Design
2) Literacy Learning
3) Motor Skills Development
4) Sensory Development
5) Speech & Communication
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Wonder Kids Facilities


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Guarded by CCTV and security, we ensure safety of your child in every corner of the daycare center. With caretakers around keeping a close watch on every child, rest assured your child stays far away from occasional accidents and injuries while playing.


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We sure know a thing or two about keeping your child hooked to his/her favorite thing. Be it books, toys, playing area access. With conditioned classrooms and a wide range of sports equipment, little wings offer the best infrastracture for preschool & Daycare in Bangalore


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Every child is given personal care at our child care center with multiple caretakers around. We understand the parental warmth and strength of care in building compassion amongst the children. At little wings, care is what we give to earn respect from each child.

Qualified Teachers

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Our school teachers bond with children, ask open-ended questions and stimulate children’s curiosity.

Trained Helping Staff

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Our helping staff is trained in creating a supportive school environment.

Music And Art Class

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Interactive classes that will bring out the creative little artists within.

Multimedia Class

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Well-equipped classrooms with Audio-visual technology to keep the child engaged in learning.

Learning Aids And Toy

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Engaging children’s curiosity with age-appropriate toys and learning materials.

Preschool Sports

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Outdoor and indoor sports activities to facilitate the physical and spatial development of kids.